Home Office appeals over Darfur asylum

Written By: Tribune web editor
Published: October 5, 2007 Last modified: October 5, 2007

by René Lavanchy

THE House of Lords begins considering sending Darfuri asylum seekers back this week, in spite of a report claiming they will face torture.

The Government is seeking to overturn the Court of Appeal’s decision in April that three Darfuris should not be deported to Khartoum because they would find conditions “unduly harsh”.

But a report this week from the anti-genocide pressure group the Aegis Trust says that Darfuri asylum seekers face torture and possible death if sent there.
Sadiq Adam Osman, a refugee sent to Khartoum last year, said: “People need to know that the Home Office has blood on its hands.

“If you read this report, you will see how narrowly I escaped with my life. Others have been sent back and have never been heard from again.”
Mr Osman says that on reaching Khartoum, he was blindfolded, interrogated and beaten for several days.

“My whole body was numb so I couldn’t feel anything any more. I was bleeding everywhere, I was completely soaked in blood.”

Torture allegations were not considered by the Court of Appeal when it found in favour of the Darfuris this year, as it ruled there was insufficient evidence at the time. Instead, judges decided that life in camps for displaced people in Khartoum would be “unduly harsh”.

The House of Lords will not consider torture evidence either for the same reason. Its ruling is expected in two to three months.