Tribune’s new board and plans for expansion are unveiled

Written By: Tribune web editor
Published: March 26, 2009 Last modified: March 26, 2009

by Chris McLaughlin

THE inaugural meeting of the new Tribune board has conferred the title of lifetime honorary Editor-in-Chief on Michael Foot.

The move was made in recognition of his “immeasurable contribution to and support for Tribune over many years”.

Proprietor Kevin McGrath said: “This mark of appreciation symbolises the continuity between Tribune’s great past and its exciting future.”

Mr Foot, a former editor of the magazine and a staunch supporter through some of its rockier times, was said to be “thrilled” by the honour.

The board also decided to set in motion plans for a ring-fenced budgeted promotions programme and a re-launch. It also agreed to set up an editorial advisory board from within the Labour Party and the trade unions.

The board is chaired by Mr McGrath and attended by the editor. Its members are: Joe Holder, lawyer; Gill Morris, head of public affairs agency Connect; Ivor Gaber, freelance journalist and consultant; John Braggins, former senior official with the Labour Party; and political affairs consultant and Mark McDonald, an international human rights lawyer. The posts are voluntary.