Wales undoes Tory legislation

Written By: James Douglas
Published: July 29, 2017 Last modified: July 29, 2017

Trade unionists have welcomed the passing of a Welsh law which partially dismantles Tory anti-strike legislation passed just a year ago.

The Senedd approved the Trade Union (Wales) Bill which removes punitive restrictions on ballot thresholds in devolved public services.

The key elements of the new Welsh law for public sector workers in Wales include: scrapping provisions relating to the deduction of trade union subscriptions from wages (known as “check-off”); dropping those relating to the restriction and reporting of facility time for trade union reps; and axing the provision requiring a 40% ballot threshold for industrial action.

Martin Mansfield, general secretary of the Wales TUC, said: “The Welsh government … is committed to working in partnership with unions and employers to get the very best deal for our Welsh public services and its valued workforce.

“The ‘Welsh Way’ works in avoiding industrial action. Our partnership approach is all about engaging with employers and government at an early stage, allowing us to deal with disagreements before they become disputes through mature negotiation and honest debate.”