Poor mental health care costs billions

Written By: James Douglas
Published: November 30, 2017 Last modified: December 4, 2017

Mental health problems are forcing thousands of people out of work, a government-commissioned report has found.

Around 300,000 people with a long-term mental health problem lose their jobs each year and poor mental health costs em­ploy­ers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year, with an annual cost to the UK econ­omy of between £74 billion and £99 billion.

The review quantifies how investing in supporting mental health at work is good for business and productivity. The most important recommendation is that all employers, regardless of size, should adopt six “mental health core standards”.

The review also makes over 40 recommendations. All public sector workforces should implement the core and enhanced standards and public sector regulatory bodies regularly in contact with public sector employees include the employer’s approach to employee mental health in their assessments.

The authors of the report said they were shocked to find the number of people forced to stop work as a result of mental health problems was 50% higher than for those with physical health conditions.