Books: Kind and merry

Written By: Scarlett MccGwire
Published: December 20, 2017 Last modified: December 21, 2017

Money Power Love
by Joss Sheldon
CreateSpace £8.99

Not so much a novel, more an extended allegory on love trumping power and money, Joss Sheldon’s tale also gives us the birth of banking and a potted history of the first half of the nineteenth century – all with wit and humour.

Three babies living adjacent terraced houses – probably with a common father – crawl out of their homes saving themselves from the inferno which devours the rest of their families. Their fates diverge as Archibald is taken in by an uncle and aunt, Mayer a passing woman and Hugo is sent to the workhouse. Meeting again as young men, they all fall in love with the same woman at exactly the same time, but while they all woo her, of course only one can be successful. One unsuccessful suitor decides that money will make up for his lost love, while the other opts for power.

The power he chooses is the unrestrained cruelty allowed to British soldiers in the colonies, while the money man is part of the birth of the banking system, creating power out of nothing and shaping the world we live in today. As Sheldon relates the birth of capitalism and the racism of colonialism, the men’s search for love shines through.

Sheldon does not allow his fine research to slow the reader down, but keeps up a merry pace for this strangely kind book. He self-publishes and deserves a wider audience; a mainstream publisher should pick up this talented author so that he reaches a wider audience.