Union calls for pupil violence code

Written By: James Douglas
Published: February 11, 2018 Last modified: February 11, 2018

The GMB union has urged schools to adopt a code of conduct on handling pupil violence against staff.

“Our school staff members are being attacked at work on a daily basis, from verbal abuse, to being spat at, kicked and punched,” said national officer Karen Leonard.

“The effects of this are obvious, trauma, stress – fear. But they love their jobs, and they love the kids. They understand these things can and do happen. All they ask is their school backs them up when it does happen and takes the common-sense steps needed to make sure attacks happen as little as possible.”

The code of conduct from the GMB, which represents more than a third of support staff, says schools should: have a clear policy on violence; record all incidents consistently; and treat all victims equally.

The Department for Education said: “Teachers and school staff have a right to feel safe while doing their jobs and violence towards them is completely unacceptable.”