Labour bureaucrats quit as Formby arrives

Written By: Chris McLaughlin
Published: March 21, 2018 Last modified: March 21, 2018

A group of senior Labour Party officials have resigned their posts ahead of the appointment of a new general secretary and the expectation of major job changes. The move came within hours of Jennie Formby (pictured), a former Unite official, taking over the key party position running the party at its London headquarters. Six leading staffers were among the exodus.

Those leaving include Simon Jackson, the long-standing head of policy and John Stolliday, director of legal and governance, who is responsible for overseeing party discipline and members accused of wrongdoing. Neil Fleming, director for London, and Dan Simpson, secretary to the parliamentary Labour Party.

Tracey Allen and Julie Lawrence, who work for the outgoing general secretary Iain McNicol have also handed in their notices.

It is understood that the departures were due to internal differences. In recent months Mr Corbyn’s team has installed a number of people in new posts at the central London headquarters.

But insiders pointed out that the number resigning amounted to only six of 420 staff members and that when McNicol took over there were 14 staff who quit. A staff member said it was “fairly normal” for this number of departures close to the start of an overall boss

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