Wagamama named and shamed over minimum wage

Written By: Ian Hernon
Published: March 18, 2018 Last modified: March 17, 2018

Asian restaurant chain Wagamama was one of 179 employers named and shamed for not paying the statutory National Minimum Wage to some of its staff.

Overall, the firms underpaid 9,200 minimum wage workers by £1.1 million. As well as recovering that back pay, the government also fined the employers a total of £1.3 million.

Wagamama was found to have underpaid 2,630 staff to the tune of over £133,300. Another large restaurant chain – TGI Fridays – was found to have underpaid 2,302 staff by £59,348.

Bridgend End House Nursery in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, owed two members of staff £41,938 between them. Premier league football club Stoke City and rugby super league team St Helens also featured in the list.

The most prolific offending sectors in this round of naming and shaming – the 14th round – were: ?hospitality with 43 employers named for underpaying 5,726 workers a total of £460,459; hairdressing with 19 employers named for underpaying 152 workers a total of £43,938; and retail with 18 employers named for underpaying 85 workers a total of £27,332.

Since 2013 the scheme has identified more than £9 million in back pay for around 67,000 workers, with more than 1,700 employers fined £6.3 million in total

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