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More schools facing budget cuts

Published: March 22, 2018
Written by Graham Lane

Eight out of ten Academy Schools are now in deficit say accountants Kreston UK, unlike council-run schools which are being managed better. Since staff make up 72% of the costs …

Education fresh air

Published: October 6, 2017
Written by Graham Lane

Labour seems to have discovered in Angela Rayner someone who under­stands that Education has to deliver key skills together with lifelong learning and that implementing these policies in government will …

Not passing muster

Published: September 11, 2017
Written by Graham Lane

Graham Lane says the education system needs clarification not confusion

The way to combat Tory incoherence

Published: August 2, 2017
Written by Graham Lane

On Tuesday 11 July the Fabians held their afternoon tea at the House of Lords. Before the event they held a meeting on Education where Estelle Morris and Angela Rayner …

Let’s get serious about education

Published: May 8, 2017
Written by Graham Lane

Schools, colleges and universities are all struggling with inadequate budgets and facing problems which are sure to impact seriously on many thousands of students. The Conservative Government has little idea …

Funding cuts bite deeper

Published: March 24, 2017
Written by Graham Lane

Theresa May’s Conservative Govern­ment is continuing to ignore the problems facing most schools in England over their funding in the coming months. Nationalising school funding was never a sensible idea. …

What is Labour’s plan for schools?

Published: February 11, 2017
Written by Graham Lane

The latest news on education is a threat from Grammar schools to require parents to give them extra payments. The National Audit Office has warned the current funding levels will …

Labour must commit to equal education for all

Published: September 24, 2016
Written by Graham Lane

The return of grammar and secondary modern schools is inexplicable, even to many Tories. Why the Conservatives want to bring back Grammar schools – and with them, of course, Secondary …

Classroom conundrum

Published: May 4, 2015
Written by Graham Lane

What exactly will Labour’s education policies if it takes power? asks Graham Lane