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The Diary – John Street

Published: August 10, 2016
Written by John Street

Dystopian Thatcherism The transcript of the ‘mini-saga’ item broadcast on the Today programme on 14 January 1988 which so offended Mrs Thatcher reads: “Thatcherism: The Final Solution, by Vincent Hill …

John Street’s Diary

Published: July 22, 2016
Written by John Street

Laugh a minute Unfortunately, the Tories seem to have the best jokes at the moment. Forget David Cameron’s misquoting of Monty Python in his last PMQs, and instead focus on …

John Street’s Diary

Published: July 16, 2016
Written by John Street

Tired and emotional Referendum fatigue clearly infected the Labour Research Department. They reported: “There has just been a period of little or no useful debate, of little or no relevant …

John Street’s Diary June 24

Published: June 27, 2016
Written by John Street

Untouchable Freud The allegations that the late Liberal MP Clement Freud had a history of child molestation came as no surprise to those who covered his 1980s career in Westminster. …

John Street’s Diary June 10

Published: June 10, 2016
Written by John Street

Tom Bower conceded at the Hay literary festival that his hatchet job on Tony Blair’s premiership plundered the published diaries of Number 10 media supremo Alastair Campbell.

John Street’s Diary May 27

Published: May 27, 2016
Written by John Street

The date on which the long-delayed Chilcot report on the Iraq War is published – July 6 – is both historically resonant and, perhaps, prophetic.

John Street’s Diary May 13

Published: May 13, 2016
Written by John Street

Channel 4 News has obtained further evidence that shows the Conservative Party bankrolled a possibly illegal operation to bus activists to key marginal seats to campaign for local candidates at …

John Street’s Diary April 29

Published: April 29, 2016
Written by John Street

David Cameron’s attempt to join the increasingly desperate Tory campaign of smears against Labour’s London mayoral hopeful have spectacularly backfired.

John Street’s Diary April 15

Published: April 15, 2016
Written by John Street

Zac Goldsmith, the Tories’ wunderkind and super-rich candidate for Mayor of London is looking more hopeless than hopeful as election day approaches.

John Street’s Diary April 1

Published: April 1, 2016
Written by John Street

The stramash over Iain Duncan Smith’s post-Budget resignation has, albeit for good reasons, over-shadowed the sheer ­economic incompetence of George Osborne’s package.

John Street’s Diary March 18

Published: March 18, 2016
Written by John Street

One year after the Prime Minister hosted a summit at Downing Street outlining a new strategy on tackling child sexual exploitation, there has been little or no progress.

John Street’s Diary March 4

Published: March 4, 2016
Written by John Street

The Trade Union Bill, currently in its Lords committee stage, has seen Tory peers freely exposing their sometime laughable ignorance.

John Street’s Diary January 8

Published: January 8, 2016
Written by John Street

The 30-year-old racism revealed in a memo from the Prime Minister’s policy chief, Oliver Letwin, shone a torchlight on attitudes currently kept under wraps largely due to the efforts of …

John Street’s Diary December 18

Published: December 18, 2015
Written by John Street

Mergers and takeovers involving UK companies continued at much lower levels of activity than those seen before the 2008-09 economic downturn, official statistics revealed.

John Street’s Dairy December 4

Published: December 4, 2015
Written by John Street

The Daily Mail’s knee-jerk reaction to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement con was one of horror and a sense of betrayal, with every page of extensive coverage carrying the strapline “What …

John Street’s Diary: Nov 20

Published: November 22, 2015
Written by John Street

David Cameron, wriggling over his setbacks on welfare, claimed that some of his opponents in Parliament had vested interests because they might be claiming tax credits themselves. Blyth Valley Labour …

John Streets Diary November 6

Published: November 6, 2015
Written by John Street

Boris Johnson, virtually invisible in Westminster since he came back as an MP, has been trawling the House of Commons bars and tearooms since the tax credits knock-back inflicted on …

John Street’s Diary October 23

Published: October 23, 2015
Written by John Street

Social network giant Facebook paid just £4,327 in corporation tax in 2014, according to its latest UK accounts filed at Companies House.